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  • Various Cheats

    While playing type in then....
    hold ~ while pushing i for invincibility
    hold ~ and w to have full weapons reload.
    push ~ and 9 or 0 to change your on board weapons.
    note i tried this on the first version try it on version 1.20 see if it works
    Submitted by richi don chez
  • Other Cheats

    K Kill target
    Shift + K Kill targeted sub-system
    Alt + K 10% damage to ship
    Alt + Shift + K 10% damage to target
    C Send message to enemies
    Shift + C Toggle countermeasure availability for all ships
    I Invincibility
    Shift + I Invincibility for target
    O Descent-style physics
    W Unlimited weapons for your ship
    Shift + W Unlimited weapons for all ships
    G All primary goals complete
    Shift + G All secondary goals complete
    Alt + G All bonus goals complete
    9 Move forward through secondary weapons
    Shift + 9 Move backward through secondary weapons
    0 Move forward through primary weapons
    Shift + 0 Move backward through secondary weapons
    R Rearm request for target
    Submitted by J-master

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