Def Jam: Icon - hands-on

So what can you do if someone simply dominates a song? Change it up. Once we had learned the game's unique DJ controls, we were able to scratch in our own beats whenever we needed to by mimicking that action on our right analog stick. To switch tracks altogether during a fight, all we had to do was find enough time to spin the old record out on the left analog and scratch the new one in on the right. And if those moves fail, you can always wait for a rematch to load in your own custom tune. Based on what we saw, any style from rock to classical to Madonna-like pop will work... though good luck acting hardcore to the "Material Girl."

Of course, the only thing more satisfying than stopping a relentless rival with a well timed remix is stopping that same remix with a well timed kick to the groin. Fighting and music exist side by side in Def Jam: Icon. Watch for further coverage to see if the two disparate genres can truly get along successfully.


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