DEF JAM: ICON drops new shots

This new batch of shots from DEF JAM: ICON, the PS3 episode in the hip-hop flavored brawler series, shows off a brand new location for the beat-driven fight scenes: a floodlit rooftop complete with swooping helicopter and illuminated city skyline.

There're also more images from the garage level we've already seen, with raging flames and sliced cars to entice your eyes.

Having seen the game in action, though, we just don't think these shots do EA's beat-busting new game any favors. DEF JAM: ICON's big thing is your interaction with the environment, and the way everything around you pulses to the driving soundtrack pumping away in the background. Static shots can't carry this experience - but at least you know the game looks nice!

ICON's blend of heavy, wince-making scrapping and the evolving, explosive surroundings is the kind of next-gen ambition we should all be demanding from established developers. And, once we've snuck into EA and snaffled some in-game footage to show you, we're sure you'll be as excited as we are about this innovative shake-up in the world of fighting games.

October 26, 2006


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