Def Jam 3

Your entire surroundings are violently interactive, so the car's bonnet buckles, the glass doors shatter and spray shards across the concrete, and, when a spark ignites a petrol-spilling pump, the whole place starts to burn. At this point, the music has become a huge, pumping force, and you can see that with each weighty beat the fire-storm belches flame.

This driving beat also affects your attacks - or, that's Tsunoda's plan - so combos performed in time with the hip-hop inspired riffs cause more damage. Keep an eye on your environment too because, as the soundtrack builds in force, more options for carnage open up.

We gawped as the petrol station's rising inferno continued to eat up the surroundings, catapulting the metal lid of an underground fuel tank into the air. One fighter lashed out with a pin-point kick and caught the spiralling lid in the air, launching it straight into the guts of the other brawler, crumpling him. Casually, the winner sauntered away as the station went up in flames behind him.

We're desperate to see some more of Def Jam 3's heady action; it's like a devilish mixture of Def Jam's brilliant punchery, Guitar Hero's exquisite beat-based timing and a hip-hop music video directed by the budget-busting Michael Bay. We'll have the full, mind-blowing trailer for you to goggle at as soon as we can.


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