DealsRadar - Xbox One, In Stock (12/06/13)

As "cyber week" comes to close, we wanted to give you a heads up on a few more hot deals and a couple (ahem) interesting game-related products. Strap a board to your back because we're going in!

Xbox One

With the next-gen consoles, right now the hottest deal is definitely "in-stock" — and as of right now, Amazon has the Xbox One in stock for $499.99. That means no mark-up and no forced bundle. In-stock, retail-priced PS4's also popped up very briefly on Amazon earlier this week but sold out very quickly; if you're looking for one of those, follow @GamesRadarDeals on Twitter and we'll let you know as soon we hear those are available online. 

UPDATE: Xbox One consoles are again sold-out on Amazon but keep trying as they seem to come back every few days.

3DS XL Luigi Edition Bundle

Last time we let you know about the just-launched "Luigi Edition" of Nintendo's flagship handheld for $200 from Best Buy. Well, true to form, the discount juggernaut Walmart has stepped up and undercut Best Buy on the price. Right now you can snag a silver 3DS XL with Mario & Luigi: Dream Team for just $179.96. This one also comes with a 4GB memory card (on which the game is preinstalled) and an adorable Luigi (and Mario) decal. It'sa him!

RetroSNES Cartridge Adapters

If you ever wanted to play a Sega Genesis game on your Super Nintendo console your eccentric ship has just come in! That's because ThinkGeek's new Genesis-to-SNES adapter will let you do just that for a mere $24.99. Finally you can experience Sonic The Hedgehog blast-processing his way to your TV through Nintendo's classic hardware. Also available in NES-to-SNES and GBA-to-SNES versions for $19.99 and $39.99 respectively. 


Speaking of bizarre SNES paraphernalia, an Etsy artist is now offering bars of soap shaped like SNES cartridges for $13 each. You can also pick up soaps shaped like Genesis, NES, and Game Boy cartridges... which all makes perfect sense when you think about how much gamers love soap.

Hotline Miami

Last but obviously not least, StackSocial is currently offering PC or Mac downloads (via Steam) of Hotline Miami for just $4.99. For a game made by only two people, this one is seriously impressive. The fiendish atmosphere and killer soundtrack are just two of the reasons we gave it four stars in our Hotline Miami review. Right now the game is also available for free on PS3 and Vita to PSN subscribers but as we note in the review, mouse and keyboard is by far the best way to play.

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