DealsRadar - Cyber Monday Deals (12/02/13)

Looks like someone's got a case of the Mondays! Luckily today is one of the best Mondays of the year for bargain hunters. And we're here—and at @GamesRadarDeals—to help you separate the cyber wheat from the virtual chaff. 

Luigi Edition 3DS XL

As of today, Best Buy is offering the "Luigi Edition" 3DS XL for $179.99. This silver-colored version of Nintendo's flagship portable includes Luigi (and Mario!) graphics on the unit itself as well as the Mario & Luigi: Dream Team game pre-installed on the included 4GB memory card. The game alone—which picked up four stars in our Mario & Luigi: Dream Team review—is going for about $30 elsewhere and the 3DS XL typically clocks in at about $150-$200 so this is a solid deal. (If you don't care about the Luigi edition, buying new, or the bigger screen consider picking up a refurbished 3DS with Paper Mario: Sticker Star for $109.99 from Groupon instead.)

32 GB Vita Memory Card

Speaking of handhelds, if you snagged Amazon's $179 PlayStation Vita bundle on Black Friday (still available), you might be looking for a Vita memory card to go with it. Well look no more! Instead, head over to and pick up a 32GB Vita memory card for just $39.99. We've never seen these lower than $65 so this is pretty hot. 

PlayStation Plus 12-Month Membership

Speaking of Sony, if you missed out on the Black Friday PlayStation Plus deal, Dell is giving you a chance to get back in on the action with a 12-month membership to PS Plus for just $29.99. These year-long memberships typically cost $50 while month-to-month memberships are $10/mo so this a great deal, especially when you consider that PS4 effectively forces you to get PS Plus.

Toys R Us Wii/3DS Games Deal

Last but not least, we head back to Nintendo! Over at Toys R Us, if you buy Star Wars Angry Birds or TMNT for the 3DS or Wii you'll get one of these Wii or 3DS games for free. That list includes Pokemon X and Pokemon Y as well as Legend of Zelda: A Link Between Worlds—which means you can pick up one of the 2013's biggest Nintendo releases plus another game for $29.99 total. If you have no desire for Angry Birds or TMNT this is still an OK deal but if either of those games hold any appeal to you it becomes much better.

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