Deadpool spin-off gets official

Looks like Wolverine won’t be the only character getting some follow-up action after X-Men Origins’ successful first weekend – after plenty of rumours, fellow mutant Deadpool looks to be starring in his own film.

The character, brought to life in Wolverine by Ryan Reynolds, has for some time been rumoured as one of the prime candidates for a spin-off, according to MTV.

It’s also lucky that Fox has been aiming to get the wisecracking, sword-wielding mutant on screen for years now, so this sounds like it’ll gear up quickly.

Before we discuss anything else, be warned that spoilers follow for Wolverine…

Deadpool in the film, of course, was very different from the comics – his mouth is sewn shut and he’s mutilated almost beyond recognition as he tracks down and nearly kills Wolvie and Sabretooth.

It’s a certainty that the studio will find some way to get him back in shape – and has even gone so far as to make Deadpool, who seemingly dies in the final confrontation – come back to life in one of the post-credits sequences.

Let’s hope the Deadpool film is more consistently entertaining than the patchy Wolverine…

[Source: MTV ]

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