Dead or Alive 3 Hints

  • Tina's Green Top

    After highlighting Costume 1 Press X
    Submitted by None
  • Hitomi Tanktop

    After highlighting Costume 1 Press X
    Submitted by None
  • Christie, Helena, Ayane, Hayate & Bass n

    After highlighting costume 2 Press X
    Submitted by None
  • Jann Lee new outfit

    After highlighting Costume 1 Press X or After highlighting costume 2 Press X
    Submitted by None
  • Lei Fang

    After highlighting Costume 1 Press Y, or X or Hold the L trigger and press X, Y or A
    Submitted by None
  • Special Partners in Tag Mode

    Its not really a cheat but it is special partnership beginnings and endings. Choose any two characters on the list below in tag mode to watch the different beginnigs and endings instead of watching them only talk.
    EIN and AYANE
    ZACK and LEON
    LEON and BASS
    JANN LEE and EIN
    TINA and BASS
    Submitted by anonymous
  • New Costume for Tina

    When selecting Tina's first outfit you notice that her pants are like zebra skin if you highlight costume one and press "X" to select it they will become leopard patterned.
    Submitted by The GameMaster
  • SECRET Hayabusa Costume

    At character select screen highlight hayabusa's 2nd costume and hold the L trigger and press X [might not work in story mode]. Parts of his body will be in stealth
    Submitted by JerryRiceJr
  • How to Unlock New Sayings

    Play over and over again until the character starts saying the same thing when you get a "GREAT" the character should say something new when you win 2 times in a row
    Submitted by None
  • Better Tag Battle Teams

    Do you want other better tag battle team ups? Well, here are some others:
    Lei Fang and Tina
    Gen Fu and Lei Fang
    Gen Fu and Jann Lee
    Bass and Leon (three types of moves)
    Bass and Bayman (four types of moves)
    Bass and Jann Lee
    Kasumi and Ayane
    Lei Fang and Helena
    Ein and Hayabusa
    Gen Fu and Tina
    Submitted by None
  • Bayman's new Look

    When you highlight the first costume for Bayman press X.
    Submitted by Jeremy E.
  • Hayate & Brad's new outfit

    When you high light the second costume press x.
    Submitted by Jeremy

Dead or Alive 3 Unlockables

  • Unlock Ein & his 3rd costume

    1.Beat Story Mode with all characters.

    2.Get a high score in Survival Mode using Hayate, and name your high score EIN (Case sensitive).

    FIN..Ein will then become available in every mode except Story Mode.
    He looks exactly like Hayate but with trencoat and sunglasses. His fighting style is karate.

    (When you unlock Ein you also unlock a random character select)

    To unlock Ein's 3rd costume use Ein in Time Attack Mode and beat it in less than Six minutes, and his new costume will become available.
    Submitted by XAL
  • Different Kasumi Hair

    After highlighting Kasumi press X for long hair or A for a pony tail or Y for straight hair
    Submitted by None
  • New Hayabusa Outfit

    After highlighting Hayabusa Costume 2 press X for the White Outfit
    Submitted by None
  • Zack's New Outfit

    Use survival mode to get 20 wins using Zack
    Submitted by None
  • See Credits Option

    After finishing the game with all characters you will have this in the options
    Submitted by None
  • Kasumi third costume

    To get Kasumi's third costume you must go to sparring mode, press start, and go to exercise mode. Complete exercise mode and you will get her third costume.
    Submitted by anonymous
  • Costume Change for Leon

    Highlight Leon's first costume. Press x to get Leon to wear bullet shells and no shirt.
    Submitted by matthew tracey#26
  • Secret Cinema With Christie

    Beat the game with Christie, and once the credits are done, go into the "theatre" option from the main menu. You can now view a secret video clip of Christie, and it shows her butt.
    Submitted by Greg Cramer (the man)
  • Zack's 3rd costume

    Defeat 20 opponents in survival mode to unlock Zack's 3rd costume
    Submitted by Jae
  • 3rd Kasumi Costume

    To unlock Kasumi's 3rd costume successfully complete exercise mode in sparring mode.
    Submitted by Jae

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Available Platforms: Xbox
Genre: Fighting
Published by: Tecmo
Developed by: Team Ninja


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