de Blob - updated hands-on

Moving de Blob around is an adventure in itself - flicking the Wii Remote sends him bouncing off of buildings and pressing buttons while targeting with the Z button sends him hurtling towards the ground hard enough to splatter ink. As de Blob gathers paint, he grows and becomes slower and less agile. Some missions require de Blob to be a certain size or a certain color, so it’s very helpful (or hurtful) to have bodies of water around for de Blob to dip in whenever he’s oversaturated.

Adorable animations and endearing sound effects are just a few of the little quirks that spice up the game. The clever, secret-filled levels make for all kinds of possibilities and loading screens that you can doodle on via Wii Remote mean no boring waits. The multiplayer modes look mighty promising, with two- and four-player versus modes enabling free-for-all painting and objective-based team play. And de Blob himself wins major points for dancing the robot during his idle animation.

The gameplay is addictive and the visuals are stunning, but what really makes this game work is how all the little things - from the music to the idle animations - pull it together. Oh, and Utrecht has since adopted de Blob as its city mascot. We’ll find out if that’s a ringing endorsement when de Blob hits this summer.


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