DDRMAX: Dance Dane Revolution 6th Mix Cheats, Codes & Guides

DDRMAX: Dance Dane Revolution 6th Mix Cheats

  • Make the Hard Songs Easy

    Once you get in the game, go to training mode and pick any song: easy or hard. then, scroll down to speed. then you can change the speed to anything that you want it to be. or you can go to the line that says "last line" or something like that and then choose the first or second line where there's arrows. get all perfect on those and you should get a triple A.
    Submitted by Megan
  • One More Max 300?

    If you pick Roulette, all the songs will start spinning. Notice if you unlocked Max 300 between Candy & 5.1.1., there's another Max 300 in a random place. Try to get the right timing to get the other Max 300.
    Submitted by DDRMaster
  • Easy Unlock Extra Stage

    Set Event Mode off, Put the Stage selection to 1, go 2 game mode, choose heavy mode & play either Remember you or Era nostalmix. Both these songs are easy to me, so clear either one of these songs & get AA rank & you easily unlocked Extra Stage, which is Max 300 in 1.5 speed & Reverse Scroll. Good Luck, players in clearing Extra Stage!
    Submitted by 2MB
  • How to Get AAA in Any Song

    Okay, this might b difficult for you players. I did mine's on Drop The Bomb System S.F. Mix in Standard mode. Make sure that you have all perfects but no greats. If u did get an AAA, you notice there's an information all about the highest rank of all, AAA. If u failed to do it, keep trying.
    Submitted by TaQ
  • Get So In Love Song

    Finish 20 stages using Arcade Mode
    Submitted by None
  • Get Kind Lady Song

    Finish 40 stages using Arcade Mode
    Submitted by None
  • Get Max 300 level

    Complete the last song using heavy mode and get a AA rank or finish 100 songs in heavy mode
    Submitted by None
  • Get Trance Sunrise Mix Song

    Complete 2 of the following songs, Dive, True or Firefly
    Submitted by None
  • Get Candy Level

    Finish the Max 300 stage and get a AA rank.
    Submitted by None

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