After focusing on more Alerts and traditional instanced content for players in previous updates, SOE is looking to ramp up DC Universe Online with more open world content in the upcoming Lightning Strikes DLC. The Flash focused expansion is set to  introduce Central City, a large scale map that can host up to 50 players at a time with more daily quests, new gear, solo and group content, and of course, a ton of new tier 3 bounties.

Above: Prepare to punish Kid Flash. More exclusive screenshots of new bounties for DCUO’s Lightning Strikes DLC below

Here’s the complete list of new bounties that’ll be introduced with the Lightning Strikes DLC.

Hero Bounties
Donna Troy
Kid Flash

Villain Bounties
Pied Piper
Captain Cold
Weather Wizard
Captain Boomerang
Heat Wave
Abra Kadabra

Don’t expect these bounties to be easy targets. “They’re tier 3 bounties, they’re very tough, and they’re tough to fight!” says DCUO creative director Jens Anderson. Scheduled to launch on December 6, the Lightning Strikes DLC will be free for all Legendary membership players and $9.99 for all Free and Premium players. Expect more details, screenshots and impressions on the new content in the Lightning Strikes DLC soon on GamesRadar.



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