Day 5: The Blood Furnace

We risk everything to bring you The Blood Furnace and Shattrath City

Centrally located at the heart of Hellfire Peninsula, Hellfire Citadel rises out of a great canyon with stone tendrils reaching out to the canyon edges to provide access to the upper spires. We crossed one of these stone gangways to reach the central column of the Citadel. Confronted by a maze of catwalks and outcroppings, we picked our way carefully through the surprisingly Fel Orc-free labyrinth. We spied two rows of braziers on a walkway further up our path, so we struck out for what appeared to be the entrance to an instance. The luminous swirling vortex that greeted us proved our hunch correct, so we leapt through the instance gate into The Blood Furnace.

Once inside, we discovered a pair of Laughing Skull Enforcers (great burly Fel Orcs covered from head to toe in dark, tough mail). These enemies registered as level 61 elites - far too powerful for our stealth army of one - and were close enough that attacking one would immediately alert the other. As we approached cloaked in the shadows that are the Rogue's hallmark, one of the Enforcers turned his attention to us. Though shrouded in invisibility, these Fel Orcs were clearly not easily fooled... our intelligence-gathering infiltration could prove more difficult than we previously imagined.

In the large room beyond the entrance hallway, we could make out a number of Fel Orc Warlocks (called Shadowmoon Adepts) engaged in some kind of summoning ceremony. Though they appeared completely engrossed with their arcane rituals, their focus remained unbroken as we passed a little too near one and he turned to look closer at our silent approach. While none of the Fel Orcs we'd encountered so far had actually detected us, they were alarmingly observant and registering our presence from at least two meters away. We opted to make heavy use of our Distract ability in order to search deeper into The Blood Furnace.

A great door blocked by huge tusks was impassible to us at the time, so we continued on until we found a large staircase leading up. Distracting the guards as we went, we scaled the staircase to reach a large room containing strange fissures in the Citadel floor that spewed some sort of teal gas. We continued down a heavily populated corridor keeping as far away from the Laughing Skull Legionnaires as possible until we came to an even larger room packed with Warlocks engaged in more imp summoning.