David Hayter’s journeying to Deadworld

David Hayter is off to the zombie nation, producing an adaptation of the comic series Deadworld.

Co-created by Gary Reed, the comic’s plotline finds the world in the typical post-apocalyptic, undead-infested state, but then finds interesting new places to spin off too.

Instead of focusing on the human survivors, it zeroes in on King Zombie, a Harley-gunning corpse who holds a grudge against the remaining humans who made him an outcast.

Watchmen co-writer Hayter is penning the script and will also be involved with crafting the film’s basic look. "It's very much about the design of the Deadworld and creating cool, frightening but not necessarily gory creatures," he tells Variety. "I am a huge fan of zombie mythology."

So are we, mate – and we want it to be a good one…

[Source: Variety ]

Think this is a good take on the zombie story? Read the comic? Eat… sorry… Speak your brains!


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