David Fincher on The Reincarnation Of Peter Proud

He's only just throwing himself into making The Social Network and yet David Fincher has already started looking at new projects, zeroing in on novel The Reincarnation Of Peter Proud.

Proud focuses on a college prof who starts having recurring nightmares and realises they might be part of a past life. Heading out on a mission to find the source, he tracks down a woman and her daughter who might just hold the key to his troubles.

Max Ehrlich's novel has already been put on screen once before - in 1975 with Margo Kidder and Michael Sarrazin starring.

And it featured a script by Ehrlich himself, whereas the new version will see a return of the Se7en team with Andrew Kevin Walker scripting and Fincher at the helm.

Apparently, the pair is planning to get back to the source novel, while also updating the story to the present day…

[Source: Heat Vision Blog ]

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