Darth Vader isn't good at naming Jedi. Meet Maulkiller

Maulkiller is half-Darth Maul, half-Starkiller. Pre-order The Force Unleashed II to get him

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Pre-order Star Wars: The Force Unleashed II from GameStop, and you’ll get a special Sith skin for Maulkiller. According to the promotional lore, forged a long time ago in a marketing department far, far, away, Maulkiller was created by Darth Vader at the cloning facilities on Kamino. The dual-wielding Sith hosts half of the genetic material from Darth Maul, and half from his own apprentice, Starkiller. Thus, we get “Maulkiller.” Get it?!?! He’s half-Darth Maul, and half-Starkiller! We always figured Vader was more creative than that.

Above: The pre-order exclusive is available for the Xbox 360 and Playstation 3 versions of the game

July 21, 2010