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Darklight Conflict Cheats

  • Last Level Code

    LAST LEVEL CODE:Now you can access the last level automatically with this password.On the Main Menu screen, highlight and select the Password Option.Now enter the code as shown here:


    Once you choose End, you'll be transported to the last level of thegame, "The Escape Home" which is extremely difficult! Try to survive aslong as you can!
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  • All Mission Passwords

    02 Gun Pod Training KXCSSSDSC
    03 Basic Combat Skills PHPPXDDJH
    04 Primary Weapon Training PJVQXHDJH
    05 Missile Training MHMGTWLBW
    06 Heavy Weapon Training HHMTVCMPD
    07 Advance Weapon Training WVCHDWVCK
    08 Tractor Training HKMBVXMPD
    09 Simulated Battle QJCSSLDDV
    10 Journey Back to War Drum GDQLPPVHT
    11 Route Forging QLLTSHDDV
    12 Defend The Drum LVCVLHDMQ
    13 Power Mining QCTJSBDDV
    14 Defend The Boffins QVMXJCLTM
    15 Killer Comets PMLPWCDJH
    16 The Birth of Hyperspace XKVPBWMGJ
    17 Robots in Space GVJHQTDDV
    18 Surprise Ovon Attack CVHBSSVVB
    19 Patrol LPMCGWVCK
    20 Farewell Iris I KQPKBBMGJ
    21 Convoy GHDMJTLTM
    22 Hiding in Rocks LSMJPSDSC
    23 Space Pirates! XVJKBSVCK
    24 Hyperspace Missiles LHHBXSVVX
    25 Mining CSDWHMVQP
    26 Free Trading PQHBHPVQP
    27 Ship Yards in Space MTHLVQDJH
    28 The Ovon Gift MVXTVSDJH
    29 Human Reconnaissance GCBBPDDDV
    30 Farewell Iris II LKPJBLVCK
    31 Battle of the Motherships HKTTSKLKS
    32 The Edge of Darkness WKVSDXMGJ
    33 The Alliance KWCTBBDWL
    34 Mining for Victory PDCQVCVLG
    35 Heaven's Crossroads QDSJXTLBW
    36 Ovon Power HVLLMDDSC
    37 Solar Winds DHHMXBLBW
    38 Race Meeting HKXLWLVVX
    39 Rescue The Commander TMQPXSDSC
    40 Farewell Iris III WPGLLCDWL
    41 The Outpost VWKTGXDMQ
    42 The Big Guns VBKMJJMGJ
    43 Trojan Horse VGVLJDMGJ
    44 Long Range Threat MSQVCCLTM
    46 Bomb The Mothers HGTJWGDSC
    47 Excel HJPGLKVCK
    48 Darklight DGGPTXVVB
    49 The End? XCWCSDMPD
    50 The Escape Home SDQTBJVQP
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