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As you descend into the area, you’ll run into an Infested Barbarian on the wooden walkways. Because the walkways are narrow and have no railing, be extra careful not to fall during combat. If you want to be super careful, engage the Barbarian, then climb back up the ladder and use arrows or spells to kill him. Repeat for the other two Barbarians found further along the path. Note that Barbarians are strong but very slow and easy to backstab.

After the barbarians you’ll encounter several Infested Ghouls. These enemies have far fewer hit points than the barbarians, but are much quicker and have a nasty hug/grab attack (which is slow and clearly telegraphed).  Continue on. If you want to reach the soul of a proud knight on the platform below and to your right, turn right at your first opportunity, take out the Blowdart Sniper, and climb down the ladder. Alternatively, you can just jump from where you fought the second and third barbarians.

Stay to the left as you proceed and you’ll reach a dead end. You’ll notice an item on a platform below. You can reach this by taking a running jump (tap B while sprinting), though you must jump at the very last second. The item is a katana called Iato.

From the Iato, look down and to your right. Hey, there’s a bonfire! You definitely want to rest there, so make the jump and then set up camp. From the bonfire, we do not suggest turning around and climbing the nearby ladder into an area below. The items that you may see in the distance are only 1 Humanity and 3 Blooming Purple Moss Clumps, none of which are worth the number of times you’ll likely die trying to reach them. But feel free to try! You’ll eventually hit a dead end, and end up back and the bonfire anyway.

If you make your way back up to where you leapt for the Iato and head right instead, and stay along the wall, you can find a dirt path that leads to the Shadow Armor Set.

Proceed past the bonfire to the next stone bridge section and beyond to the wooden planks, looking for a ladder on your left that leads down. At the bottom of the ladder, stand to the left of it and jump down to the platform below (see above screen). From here, you can reach the Eagle Shield, which is on a corpse resting on one of the massive stone buttresses. Head back to the bonfire or continue your descent. 

If you went back to the bonfire, once again proceed past the next stone bridge section, only this time when you hit the wooden walkways, jump down to the lower platform on your right. You’ll eventually see a Parasitic Wall Hugger below you. You can either drop down near it and fight it from a distance, or look for a ladder leading up to the Blowdart Sniper who was antagonizing you earlier. Take him out, then turn around. 

You can enter a tower through a hole in the wall, climb down the ladder inside, and end up right behind the Parasitic Wall Hugger. From here, it cannot hurt you – but you can hurt it. Kill it then drop down to grab Pyromancy: Power Within.

From here, proceed down the nearby wooden ramp and into a tunnel on your right. This leads back into the tower. Climb down the ladder to find a fog door. However, instead of passing through it, look down. On a lower level, there’s a Whip. This is an interesting weapon, and we recommend risking the fall to obtain it. (Falling also serves as a shortcut.)

Continue down until you run into your first Cragspider. These are enemies that stun easily and have low health, so you should always opt  for a rushdown strategy whenever you can. As you continue down, you’ll start being attacked by another Blowdart Sniper. If you track him down and kill him, you can claim the Wanderer Armor set from a corpse near where he was standing.

Eventually, you’ll reach ground level. Now is a good time to equip the Rusted Iron Ring if you picked it up from the Undead Asylum earlier. It will allow you to walk/run at full speed through the poison swamp. From the wooden walkways, run off to your right and follow the wall until you reach a tunnel, inside which is a bonfire. Proceed further into the tunnel to find a rare Dragon Scale, then head back to the exit. If you are in human form, the Black Phantom Maneater Mildred will invade once you reach ground level. She’s quick, but not much of a threat. If you defeat her, she becomes available for summoning in a later boss fight.


  • christian-small - October 2, 2014 12:23 p.m.

    Had some problems with returning to undead asylum I did blighttown and quelagg before going to undead asylum I get the key and curl into a ball in the nest but the crow doesnt pick me up , anyone avalible to help?
  • Verum - July 29, 2013 3:30 a.m.

    big guy* sorry for my grammar, ive been losing my mind over this
  • Verum - July 29, 2013 3:17 a.m.

    i have this issue with sens fortress, i cant access to it, i went to the church thing and killed the gargolite twins, but i didnt bang the bells cuz (in my mind) i sayd to myself "better clear the secondary misions before ringing the bell so you dont lose anything" so i did, killed every boss except the undergroud ones, i did the minotaur, the dragon tail thing, the buy with the big hammer, hydro, the moonlight butterfly one, all those, now when i had enought souls to gear up some stats & upgrades, i go to the church and ring the bell and it didnt happen anything, and i went to check sen's fortress and is still closed.... what to do ?
  • Misfire - July 29, 2013 5:58 a.m.

    There are two bells. You need to go to Blighttown and kill Quelaag to ring the other bell. Shes in the bottom of the swamp thats below the Depths which is shortly after you fight the Capra Demon. :P
  • stefan-chircop - June 25, 2013 7:31 a.m.

    I have a question about page 8. I managed to kill Laurec, and obtained some ring. I killed him so he would run and kill the other Npc. Would it have been better to let him live?
  • Sinxar - January 20, 2013 6:29 a.m.

    I assumed you needed to kill the Stray Demon for the ring, turns out you don't to get the Rusted Iron Ring. So just walk around the room to avoid it and still loot the place. It drops nothing of value anyway.
  • matt-mcsavaney - January 14, 2013 7:10 a.m.

    How does a caster beat the asylum boss? He one hits everytime i miss a dodge, i cant do that hit and run tactic the melee uses because of cast time which in turn gets me killed, help please?
  • isaac-long - April 28, 2014 3:04 p.m.

    You have to just stay behind the demon and get in as much DPS just remember always be up his butt :D
  • Sinxar - January 6, 2013 6:49 p.m.

    In "The Depths", you can take the path behind the first butcher and kill the giant rat with a bow from the ledge you land on. It won't jump up to defend itself.
  • yuwendi-gozali - December 20, 2012 12:45 a.m.

    have some question, when went to ring second bell , im not enter blight town form depth but dark root secret road that lead to valey of the drake. so after i rang second bell im went to the depth to look for zena shop but i didnt find him anywhere. after i back to firelink too zena didnt appeared :( (i just read that zena going to fire link after u rang two bell in another walkthrought). the question is, how i find zena? should i have to NG+ first? i really want that armor from knight of atorias in new content (cos the armor is f*cking cool X( )
  • yuwendi-gozali - December 20, 2012 6:51 a.m.

    about my post... , nevermind, i just found him :] btw great walkthrought thx!!!
  • Iwaskia - October 21, 2012 6:25 a.m.

    whats that sword you used to kill the four nights? and how can you get it? i folow the walktrought so far but i dont think i have the sword.
  • Matt Hughes - October 23, 2012 9:10 p.m.

    If you mean the Four Kings boss battle, that Quelaag’s Furysword. You can find the details on how to obtain it near the end of pg 44 in this guide.
  • Iwaskia - October 26, 2012 5:19 a.m.

    thanks men that was a great help.
  • NEPAL - October 20, 2012 4:05 p.m.

    Thanks for the effort you put into the guide, really helped me with the game.
  • Matt Hughes - October 21, 2012 6:13 a.m.

    Sure thing - glad it helped!
  • grappler51 - September 11, 2012 6:17 a.m.

    Awesome guide! Got this recently for PC and was really confused about the humanity system, cleared a lot of things up!

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