Dark Souls 2 Weapons and Armor guide

Heide Knight Iron Mask

Found in a chest on a balcony after defeating Old Dragonslayer.

Hexer Armour

You'll encounter Felkin the Outcast in the tunnel from Majula to Huntsman's Copse. Kill him at any time, and the hag merchant at the Cardinal Tower Bonfire in Forest of Fallen Giants will sell this armor--it's what he wore.

Hunter Armour

You'll find this by the Soldier's Rest bonfire in Forest of Fallen Giants. Leave the bonfire area, make a left, and head up the wooden stairs. The chest up here holds the Hunter Hat, Leather Gloves, Leather Boots, and Leather Armor.

Jester Armour (Full Set)

All pieces--Jester's Cap, Robes, Gloves, and Tights--can be purchased from Magerold of Lanafir. He's found by making a right after crossing the Iron Keep bride and enter the keep proper.

Judgment Armour (Full Set)

All pieces--Mask of Judgement, Robe of Judgment, Manchettes of Judgment, and Tights of Judgement--are found through a Pharros' Contraption in Dragon Shrine. See our Dark Soul 2 Pharros' Contraptions guide for more information.

King's Armour (Full Set)

Before you can get this, you must have defeated Vendrick. With this done, head to the Crumbled Ruins bonfire in Shrine of Amana. Move down the path and keep an eye to the left for this sunken bridge. Cross over and bust through the branches to find a big door. If you've defeat Vendrick and are in human form, you can open this. Inside is the full King's Amor set.

Knight Armour (Full Set)

Found in Heide's Tower of Flame. Proceed down the steps from the Tower of Flame bonfire. When you take the elevator down, you'll be in a similar hall, but with water. Take the first left and head up the stairs. Then take a right and check the alcove back here for a chest containing the Knight Helm, Armour, Leggings, and Gauntlets.

Lion Mage Armour (Full Set)

From the Shaded Ruins bonfire in Shaded Woods, head up the ramp and make a right. Follow this path around some crumbling walls to spot this petrified enemy. Use a Fragrant Branch of Yore to restore him, then take him down and follow the path he was blocking. The chest here contains the Lion Mage Robe, Cuffs, and Skirt.


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