Dark Souls 2 Weapons and Armor guide


Arced Sword

Can be traded for the Flexile Sentry Soul with Straid of Olaphis at the Straid's Cell bonfire in The Lost Bastille.

Bastard Sword

Start from the Soldier's Rest bonfire in Forest of Fallen Giants. You want to enter the house directly across the gap in the ground here. There's a corpse inside that holds the sword.

Black Dragon Greatsword

Received upon reaching Rank 3 of the Dragon Remnants covenant. See our Dark Souls 2 covenants guide for more information.

Black Knight Greatsword

You'll find this after moving through Belfry Sol back into Iron Keep. Before dropping from this caged area, interact with the right-side wall to reveal a hidden chamber. Inside are two chests, one of which holds this blade.

Black Knight Ultra Greatsword

After defeating The Duke's Dear Freja, you'll head down a hallway and face a regular enemy who drops the Brightstone key upon defeat. Once you've acquired this, head back to the chapel by the spider web pit that took you to the boos room. Open the door here, then the next to find a chest containing this blade.

Black Scorpion Stinger

When you first enter Doors of Pharros, look in the corner of the watery chamber for a chest. Well, it looks like a chest, but it's a Mimic. Kill it to have it drop this weapon.

Bluemoon Greatsword

You'll encounter Bernhart of Jugo multiple times during the game: by the Shaded Woods entrance, by the Pursuer boss area in Forest of Fallen Giants, and inside the Memory of Orro. He can also be summoned into battle with you if you've spoken to him and are in human form. Summon him three times into battle, then speak to him to receive his sword, the Bluemoon Greatsword. Alternatively, you can just kill him, and he'll drop it; however, this negates the trophy/achievement for inheriting his equipment.

Chaos Blade

Can be traded for the Old Witch's Soul with Straid of Olaphis at the Straid's Cell bonfire in The Lost Bastille.

Crypt Blacksword

Can be traded for the Old One's Soul with Ornifex near the Lower Brighstone Cove bonfire in Brighstone Cove Tseldora.

Curved Twinblade

First, you'll need to join the Brotherhood of Blood covenant; see our Dark Souls 2 covenant guide for more information. When you do, you must kill 50 players while wearing the Crest of Blood ring to receive this.

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