Dark Souls 2 Weapons and Armor guide


Bone Staff

Found in The Last Bastille. When proceeding from the Servant's Quarters bonfire, you'll have to jump across some rooftops. Drop down, take out the dogs, and head down this alleyway. Climb the ladder, hop through the window, and take out the mini knight on the other side. In the following room, check the chest along the left wall for this.

Staff of Wisdom

Found through a Pharros' Contraption in Dragon Shrine. See our Dark Soul 2 Pharros' Contraptions guide for more information.

Sunset Staff

When you first enter Aldia's Keep, look in the back left corner for an iron chest. Don't open it yet--it's actually a Mimic. Kill it, and it will drop this.

Can also be obtained by killing Felkin the Outcast in the tunnel from Majula to Huntsman's Copse.

Olenford's Staff

Found in a Pharros' Contraption treasure room in Undead Crypt. See our Dark Souls 2 Pharros' Contraptions guide for more information.

Witchtree Branch

This takes an extra step to acquire. First, you need to retrieve the Forgotten Key from Black Gulch. To get it, look for a series of ledges you can drop down near the second large wall worm. Follow these to reach a large cave housing two giants. They're tough to beat, but doing so earns you the Forgotten Key.

With this in your possession, make your way down the well in Majula, making sure to land on the first ledge with torches. From here, you can climb a ladder up to a locked door. Open it with your Forgotten Key to find three chests, one of which holds this chime.


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