Dark Souls 2 Weapons and Armor guide

King's Mirror

Can be traded for the Looking Glass Knight Soul with Ornifex near the Lower Brighstone Cove bonfire in Brighstone Cove Tseldora.

Mirrah Shield

You'll find this in Earthen Peak. From the Central Earthen Peak bonfire, move up the stairs and enter the hall. Make a right, then move ahead to the wall switch. Pull it, then quickly step onto the platform in the next room. It will raise you to a chest containing the shield.

Old Knight Greatshield

This is found near the Mines bonfire in Harvest Valley. Continue down the path, then take the left path at the open area with the wooden tower in the middle. Over here, a large enemy will burst through the rusted wooden planks. Engage, then trick him into breaking the other set of planks behind him. This gives you access to several corpses, one of which holds this shield.

Porcine Shield

Found in a chest after defeating the Smelter Demon.

Pursuer's Greatshield

Can be traded for the Soul of the Pursuer with Straid of Olaphis at the Straid's Cell bonfire in The Lost Bastille.

Rebel's Greatshield

You'll find this in Forest of Fallen Giants after obtaining the Iron Key from the Iron Keep. With this in your possession, you can open the locked door near The Last Giant boss room. Follow this path to a dark cave in the back, where a corpse holds the shield.

Target Shield

If you return to the Ruin Sentinels' battle area in The Lost Bastille, you'll find numerous fake walls. Interact with the one directly under the Servants' Quarts door to find a chest containing this shield.

Tower Shield

Found in a chest on a balcony after defeating Old Dragonslayer.

Watchdragon Parma

In the Dragon Shrine, proceed until you encounter a hammer and sword/shield knight together. Take them out, then look for a ledge with boxes. Bust them up, then drop down and follow this path to encounter a hammer-wielding knight. Take him out, then enter the door beyond. Ascend the spiral stairs to encounter a Dark Spirit. Once he's down, you can open the chest in the corner of the room for this.

Wicked Eye Great Shield

This is found just before the Central Gutter bonfire in The Gutter. When you cross a suspension bridge to a lizard enemy on a rooftop, continue forward to cross a second bridge, There's a small cave over here with a few undead enemies and a chest containing the shield.

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