Dark Souls 2 Weapons and Armor guide


Caitha's Chime

After climbing the tall ladder past the Central Castle Drangleic bonfire in Drangleic Castle, enter the wooden door in the chamber with the stone knights. In here are two chests, one of which contains this chime.

Chime of Want

Can be traded for Nashandra's Soul with Ornifex near the Lower Brighstone Cove bonfire in Brighstone Cove Tseldora.

Cleric's Sacred Chime

This is found on the path from Things Betwixt to Majula. Look for a series of ledges by the cliffs. Drop down them, then follow the narrow path to reach a corpse that holds this catalyst.

Disc Chime

This is found in Grave of Saints just after the Royal Rat Vanguard fight. When you drop down the exposed coffins, you'll land on a brick bridge. From here, you can leap to a ledge where you'll find a corpse holding the chime.

Dragon Chime

Getting this first requires joining the Pilgrims of the Dark covenant; see our Dark Souls 2 covenants guide for more information. After defeating the Darklurker, you can speak to Darkdiver Grandahl to receive this.

Idol's Chime

Dropped from Licia of Lindelt (by the Tower of Flame bonfire in Heide's Tower of Flame, or at the rotunda in Majula) if you kill her.

Priest's Chime

This is right near the Servants' Quarters bonfire in The Lost Bastille. Climb down the ladder in the corner of the room. Down here you'll find a chest guarded by a dog; take it out, then loot the chest for the chime.

Protective Chime

You'll find this after moving through Belfry Sol back into Iron Keep. Before dropping from this caged area, interact with the right-side wall to reveal a hidden chamber. Inside are two chests, one of which holds this chime. 

Witchtree Belvine

This takes an extra step to acquire. First, you need to retrieve the Forgotten Key from Black Gulch. To get it, look for a series of ledges you can drop down near the second large wall worm. Follow these to reach a large cave housing two giants. They're tough to beat, but doing so earns you the Forgotten Key.

With this in your possession, make your way down the well in Majula, making sure to land on the first ledge with torches. From here, you can climb a ladder up to a locked door. Open it with your Forgotten Key to find three chests, one of which holds this chime.


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