Dark Sector

Hayden doesn’t just blast generic, boring grunts, either. In the later stages of the game he’s up against an assault chopper, which he has to knock out with an RPG launcher. Shortly afterwards, he’s stared down by a screen-filling colossus, a genetic beast that’s obviously the result of said virus and desperate to murder all in its path.

By this point Dark Sector is blistering with colour. After Hayden is infected with the virus by a mysterious man, the game ditches its moody black and white visuals for a stylish bleed of colours - this symbolises his body becoming ravaged with the disease. It’s not all bad though, because the blast of colour also introduces our favourite weapon - the glaive. This boomerang-like projectile blade will slice into an enemy and drop him quickly. You can even combine your glaive with gunfire to really put your foe to rest, or just get in close and gut a troop from behind. As you progress the glaive is given tweaks to make it even more powerful - like being able to electrocute enemies. You can even set explosive charges to blow up on contact - perfect for taking out a large group of enemies.

If Dark Sector can maintain its early promise then we could be in for something special. We just pray it doesn’t morph into a one-dimensional shooter/slasher as it progresses.

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