Dark Messiah of Might and Magic

The Archer

This guy's M.O.is simple: put the hurt on single targets. This class is where boom-headshotting snipers will make the easiest transition from traditional first-person shooters. As we leveled up, the bow upgraded in power, making lone defense of capture points a real possibility. Gaining levels also gifted us with the ability to zoom in on our targets - important not only to perfect our aim, but also to identify our own teammates in the grim, fire-lit interiors of Aschan.

In our own experience, however, we quickly discovered that our bow was no overpowered, AWP-tastic sniper rifle - arrow drop was significant at just a medium distance. While honing our skills helped, we were helped even more by gaining high overlooks and precipices. This added a very important player to our team - gravity.

But as it turns out, gravity is a free agent, and getting cornered or launched off of those lofty perches by marauding Warriors or sneaky Assassins is a real possibility.

In a fine example of what not to do, we unwittingly loaded up our side with a bunch of dainty archers. A single Warrior burst into our hideout, disemboweling all five of us. Our respawn period was filled with taunts: "Did I just kill all of you?" to which there is no sufficient retort or emoticon.