Danny McBride nabs Hench

Pineapple Express / Tropic Thunder scene-thief Danny McBride is developing a film based on the graphic novel Hench .

Warners has bought the rights to Adam Beechen and Mario Bello’s tale, which finds an American Football player suffering a career-ending injury.

To make ends meet, he signs on to be a henchman for a wealthy, successful villain.

Hench takes a look at a little-explored side to the hero/villain story: the private, tough life of the average henchman.

McBride will co-write the script with Shawn Harwell, who he worked with on comedy series Eastbound And Down (above).

It’ll have to wait for his schedule to open up, though – he’s about to start shooting David Gordon Green’s Your Highness (which he also wrote) and then starts work on a new series of Eastbound .

[Source: Variety ]

Excited to see more McBride? Or sick of graphic novel adaptations?



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