Damon and Clooney - together again?

George Clooney's not shy about enjoying working with his friends - and it looks like he's sticking to the idea, hiring Matt Damon for war on terror-themed drama Hamdan V Rumsfeld.

While the idea of a courtroom drama based around a real life case that saw Osama Bin Laden's former chauffeur arguing for his release from Guantanamo Bay doesn't sound like a big money-spinner, it's been high on Clooney's Must Direct list for a while.

Damon would play the man's lawyer, who eventually got Hamdan's plea taken up by the US Supreme Court.

There's been no official announcement yet, so we're counting this one as a rumour for now. But talking to the Boston Globe at the New York premiere of The Informant, Damon seemed up for it.

Of course, we'll see if the schedules work out as Damon's more than a little in demand at the moment…

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Would this be a good fit? And are war-on-terror-themed films box office poison?



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