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  • Invulnerable Cheat

    RSGOD: toggles invulnerability.
    RSDOC: grants full health.
    RSGOODIES: grants full ammo, all guns and max boosters.
    RSKEYS: grants all keys.
    RSFUEL: grants full booster fuel.
    RSSHIELD: toggles shields.
    RSEND: level skip.
    RSLEV##: level warp (replace ## with level number).
    RSFLYxxyy: coordinate warp (specify x and y coordinates).
    RSGRAV: toggles gravity.
    RSNUKE: kills all monsters on current level.
    RSLIFE: grants an extra life.
    RSNOWALLS: toggles collisions.
    RSDIE: takes away all health and extra lives.
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