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    First press [Alt] + [F12] to bring up the entry screen. Now type in wlrnwhdakf or doomsday to enable the cheat mode. You should see the phrase "Cheatcode Enable" appear. Now press [Alt] + [F12] then [Enter] and type one of the codes below.
    Enable one hit kills onekill on
    Disable one hit kills onekill off
    More money money <1 - 999>
    Stop timer time off
    Enable timer again time on
    Invincibility invulnerable on
    Disable invincibility invulnerable off
    Adjust character's intelligence int <1 - 999>
    Adjust character's dexterity dex <1 - 999>
    Adjust character's damage strength hit <1 - 999>
    Adjust character's strength str <1 - 999>
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