Custom Robo Arena review

  • Intense, bite-sized battles
  • Great translation, charming world
  • Customizing isn't just for show
  • Progression not that rewarding
  • Insanely repetitive soundtrack
  • Limited multiplayer

Multiplayer is a seemingly robust package – single cart, multi cart and full-fledged online Wi-Fi play are available – but there’s little to do besides trade dioramas and fight each other over, and over, and over. Customizing your Robo still comes into play and things can get nice and tense between two skilled players, but most of the time one person simply has the more appropriate Robo for the battle. We’re glad the connection methods are numerous, but the game could have definitely used a few more multiplayer modes to mix it up.

The colorful visuals are about what you would expect from the DS graphically (good 2D, varying 3D), and everything sounds fine outside of the monotonous soundtrack. Custom Robo Arena is a game that could have easily been force-fed to us with unnecessary microphone or touch screen functions, so we've very happy that it sticks to tried-and-true control methods. It's a good bet for anyone looking for some casual, small-scale robot battlin' action - the story and setting are silly fun for all ages, and the actual fighting is exciting and satisfying in the small chunks it's delivered in.

More Info

Release date: Mar 19 2007 - DS (US)
May 25 2007 - DS (UK)
Available Platforms: DS
Published by: Nintendo
Developed by: Noise
ESRB Rating:
Everyone 10+


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