Crysis will make you "shit your pants!"

Crytek boss Cevat Yerli has promised that its hotly anticipated first-person shooter Crysis will feature major shocks and scares in addition to the glorious action we've all drooled over.

And where will the brown-trouser moments come from? Our encounters with the alien menace invading Earth, that's where.

We've seen a fair amount of alien vehicles and machines, and we're guessing we got a very brief glimpse of the actual aliens themselves in a recent Crysis trailer that got leaked, which EA subsequently removed from the net - but according to Yerli we won't see the aliens properly "until you play," assuring that "the first time you see them you'll shit your pants!"

He told the UK's PC Zone, "imagine the last good horror game you played. This is going to be like that, but every time you'll play it'll be different."

Yerli also revealed in the interview that initially Crysis was "a bit longer" than it is now. "Making the game longer would have been no problem, but in order to have consistently high quality, the game had to be condensed. It's a very, very busy game with intense and pulsating gameplay."

April 25, 2007


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