Crysis: So clever it's stupid

Reason #5: You're spoilt for choice
Crysis boasts a lot of guns. Combined with the Nanosuit, you've got endless ways to take down enemies – and right from the start too, because Crysis doesn't make you wait to get your hands on the good stuff. And not only do you have guns, but you can pick up attachments and add-ons, making selecting a weapon from your arsenal like diving into a Pick-and-Mix counter. 

Guns can be picked up from fallen enemies, or found lying around, as can various attachments to add to the ones you begin with. Grab the gun you want then bring up a sub-menu and you get a stack of customisation options, from sniper scopes and silencers or the ability to fiddle with the firing speeds. So, if you're feeling suicidal, you can strap a sniper scope to an assault rifle and see just how inefficient it is at taking down far-away soldiers.

You also have your fists which, when combined with your Nanosuit's super-strength ability, are actually very effective, and not just useful for when you've run dry of ammo. In fact, during our Deathmatch session, one rival used his fists the whole time. And ended up doing annoyingly well. Grrrr.

Guns in multi-player Power Struggle are accessed a bit differently. Winning Prestige Points in a previous round gives you more cash to spend on weaponry and ammo. Your team can also manufacture alien weaponry once you reach a certain level – opening up a gun that freezes enemies, which means the tiniest punch or push shatters them into a million pieces.

Other single player weapon highlights include being able to pick up frying pans and boxes to throw at people. Not quite as effective as using duel-wielded shotguns, but a whole lot funnier.

It anything is going to stand Crysis out from the rest of the first-person pack, it's just how many choices these weapons and the Nanosuit offer you. Put any number of people in front of this game and they'll be tackling it in different ways and experimenting with the assortments of tactics on offer – from darting to cover using super-speed to sniping enemies from a boat.