Crysis 2 multiplayer footage shows off New York's concrete jungle

VIDEO: See a round of team death match fought on the rooftops of New York

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Crytek has just released a new video showing footage from Crysis 2’s multiplayer and it looks great. The video shows a round of team death match on the rooftops of New York. You’ll get to see a variety of Nanosuit abilities, like cloaking, but what we really love are all the little details that Crytek has worked into the game.

We love the animation of your fist pounding into the ground when the player leaps from rooftop to rooftop at the beginning. The water spilling out of the pipe about a minute in also looks great – and when you see a teammate pass you by, you’ll see a great sliding animation as he jumps down to the lower level. It also looks like maneuvering through Crysis 2’s levels will be more fun this time around. Notice how the player jumps about 20 feet into the air to glide through a window about two minutes in. That being said, it does look like everyone on the opposing team has their kiddie gloves on. No one seems to take a shot at the player we're watching until the very end, which makes everything seem a bit staged. But enough commentary for a video you’re probably already watching right now. You can check it out below for yourself.

Above: ‘X’ marks the spot. Looks like the footage we’re watching is from a 360 build 

Above: A multiplayer gameplay trailer for Crysis 2 from Gamescom

Aug 19, 2010