Crysis 2 Achievement & Trophy guide

The Cleaner

25 Points
Bronze Trophy

Get 1 of each Skill Kill

There are 23 skill kills in total. These are achieved by performing various feats during the take down of another player. To see how many you have already and/or which ones you still need, you can see them in the Service Record- General tab and by scrolling down. Here is the full list of them:

First Strike!
Get the first kill of the match.

Blind Fury!
Kill an enemy while blinded.

Dead Air!
Kill someone while they are jumping.

Kill an enemy using  stealth while cloaked.

Get a headshot on an enemy.

Triple Kill!
Kill three enemies within a short period of time.

Kill five enemies within a short period of time.

Kill an enemy who killed you.

Kill an enemy by shooting through an obstacle.

Kill an enemy while they are blinded.

Combined Fire!
Start to kill an enemy with your primary weapon and finish them off with your secondary.

Road Rage!
Kick a car into an enemy to kill them.
Kill an enemy that is on a killing streak.

Kill an enemy while they are cloaked.

Kill an enemy while you have low health.

Melee kill an enemy.

Double Kill!
Kill two enemies within a short period of time.

Kill four enemies within a short period of time.

Kill someone when you have a death streak going.

Kill an enemy near a teammate.

Kill an enemy who is attacking a teammate.

Throw a grenade near an enemy and cause them to run from its blast radius and then kill them.

 Kill an enemy that a team mate is aiming at before they have a chance to fire at them.


The Collector

15 Points
Bronze Trophy

Collect 20 Dog Tags

Whenever you kill an enemy in multiplayer, they will drop a dog tag for you to collect. Nab 20 of them and this is all yours.


The Tourist

15 Points
Bronze Trophy

Find all New York Souvenirs

There are 18 souvenirs in all to locate throughout the single player campaign. Use our handy video for the missions and locations they can be found in.


Tooled Up

30 Points
Silver Trophy

Multiplayer: Unlock all the weapons

On your way to level 50 and the “Crysis, What's Crysis? “ achievement/trophy, you will unlock 20 weapons using Weapon Unlocks. Catch ‘em all and you’ll be 30 points richer.

Try Me

10 Points
Bronze Trophy

Complete 3 Xbox LIVE/PSN matches

Play 3 matches on Xbox LIVE/Playstation Network all the way through and you’re done for this one.


Two Heads Are Better Than One

15 Points
Bronze Trophy

Single Player: Kill two enemies with a single bullet

Thankfully this isn’t a “two headshots” with one bullet trial. Simply line up two enemies with the sniper rifle and fire through them to kill them both. If the first shot doesn’t, the second should drop both easily giving you the achievement/trophy with little effort.

April 7, 2011




  • RicePuddingUK - April 8, 2011 7:07 a.m.

    I love this game! Makes me feel like a superhero! Damn I wish my rig could play Crysis 1, I'm a PC gamer from the first half of the last dedcade (00-05) I converted to console shortly after. I miss the PC
  • FVDub - April 8, 2011 12:05 a.m.

    Not trying to brag or anything, but the supersoldier difficulty in Crysis 2 is actually pretty easy. Stealth everywhere and you'll be okay.

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