Available on: N64

Crusin Exotica Cheats, Codes & Guides

Crusin Exotica Cheats

  • Mondo Roll

    Go to any level with some jumps in it and when you come up to the jump press the following: Let go of the gas button then quickly press Right ,then press the gas button quickly that's it a mondo roll!!!!
    Submitted by jake
  • Burn out

    When you start a race it says "ready", "set", "go" hold the gas (A button) until it gets to "set" and start to pump the gas a little bit and hold it again. it takes some work to get it right but when you do it will same alot of time. this works best in "drag race"
    Submitted by trevor m.
  • Get Secret Cars

    Beat the challenge Crusin Exotica and come in 1st. After several levels you start getting secret cars
    Submitted by Benny Evans

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Available Platforms: N64