Crush - first look hands-on

Looking for a whole new perspective on the world? And on gaming? Play Crush for just five minutes. That's all it took for this PSP-exclusive puzzler to begin messing with our minds and altering the way we looked at, or thought about, our surroundings.

The concept is completely unique... and a little genius. With the titled "crush" tool, you can flatten a three-dimensional virtual environment into only two dimensions, and then expand it back again. Why would you want to do that? Well, imagine standing in a virtual world. You're on an island made of floating three-dimensional blocks and you need to reach a similar island hovering thirty feet away. Obviously, you can't jump that distance without falling to your death in the inky blackness below. But, with the proper perception and a well timed "crush," you can.

See, at the right angle, those far off blocks kind of look like they're right next to your blocks. They're not really, of course, but that's just your depth perception telling you that. The "crush" button removes all depth, transforming what you see on screen into an exact 2D representation and instantly closing that gap. The far off blocks really are right next to you now. Hop onto them, switch the world back to 3D and, lo and behold, you're standing on the other island.

Brain hurt yet? Crush only gets more deviously complicated from there. The levels get bigger, more intricate and eventually fill with enemies and obstacles. Your only option for getting past large spheres or larger cockroaches blocking your path is the same - experiment with perspectives using the "crush" tool. Alter the landscape until you've opened a passageway to roll the ball through; switch the dimensions at the correct moment to crush the insect with a distant but suddenly very near block. Even the blocks themselves can have different properties depending on what dimension you're in. It's exhausting to think about... but, from our experience, a ton of fun to play.


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