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Cruise Ship Tycoon Cheats, Codes & Guides

Cruise Ship Tycoon Cheats

  • Gameplay Cheats

    During gameplay type in a code below:
    IAmACheater - Enable Cheat Mode
    GameDebug - Debug Mode
    EngineDebug - Engine Debug
    CatDebug - All debug modes
    MovieCapture - Movie Capture Toggle
    CTRL + SHIFT + * - More Cash
    CTRL + SHIFT + F11 - Wireframe
    CTRL + SHIFT + K - Weather toggle
    CTRL + SHIFT + F8 - Cull Cam
    CTRL + SHIFT + F9 - Wireframe
    CTRL + SHIFT + F10 - Wireframe
    CTRL + 5 - No Fuel
    CTRL + 6 - Iceburg collision
    CTRL + 7 - Rock collision
    CTRL + 8 - Lost at Sea
    CTRL + 9 - Sea monster comes
    CTRL + 0 - Ground ship
    TAB - get MMSUX Mode
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Cruise Ship Tycoon Hints

  • Tips

    Tips- Make sure that you make your guests room all together. Make it nice and make them close to food. Tips # 2 once you start sailing don't forget to check up on which way you are going by clicking on the map. Tip # 3 Don't switch stuff around on your guest, they will get mad and want to leave. Tip# 4 Make sure your always making your guests feel happy! last of All Tip # 5 In career mode you should not set sail until you've built all of your rooms. The eating , bedrooms, amenities etc. will all show-up when you are building!
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