Crowds go wild for Wii...

While gamers flocked to the Wii stand, Sony's PlayStation 3 section was deserted in comparison. This despite the fact that this was also the first time PS3 has been playable, and the Sony stand is the only place at E3 gamers can get hands-on with the new console.

It could have been that there weren't any familiar titles for gamers to get excited about - unlike Wii, which could boast the latest Mario, Zelda and Samus' adventures - but it could also suggest that people are really looking for new experiences.

It should prove to be a interesting few months leading up to PlayStation 3's November launch with Sony now playing catch-up to Microsoft's 360 and being out-shone on the E3 show floor by Wii.

Above: Sony must be disappointed at the lack of PS3 interest, despite this being a first-play chance for its next-gen console