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Crimson Sea Cheats

  • Cheats

    Entry location: Hold L trigger and R trigger then press B, A, Y. Let go of the triggers, and enter a cheat.

    then let go off the L tiger R Tiger then you will see a blacklight that mean you are in a code cheat

    X, X, B, Y, Y, A, A - Super jump
    B, A, A, Y, Y, X - More money
    B, B, B, B, Y, X, X - Full health
    X, B, A, Y, Y, A, B - Infinite battery
    Y, X, Y, A, A, B, B - Infinite health
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  • How to unlock G-Squad Mode

    Fail a mission several times and this mode will be unlocked which is set at a easy difficulty
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  • How to unlock EX Mode

    Finish the game one time. This mode will allow you new items and gets you the money you ended the 1st game with.
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Crimson Sea Hints

  • Final Boss Hint

    You will need the following items (leviathan 3, Vulcan 3 barrels, 2 Medixir's). Keep the boss in your screen by swaying with the L key. Use the Leviathan to take his HP down then use the Vulcan 3 for the finalie. Use a Medixir sometime when you need it but save the last one for when you die. Use only Cure 2 & 3 on yourself but do not use Neo-Psionics on the boss
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