Criminal Girls punishment chamber abuses the mosaic filter

How massaging and spanking works with the game’s battle system

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New details and images for Criminal Girls have filtered in. The NIS published JRPG for the PSP charges you with the task of rehabilitating young miscreants in an all-female prison in hell. The preview comes from Dengeki PlayStation, which reveals that the healing massages and spanking sessions in the prison’s punishment room will determine how your characters behave in battle.

Above: Kisaragi in the ‘punishment room.’ This is where you’ll need to act responsibly by rehabilitating your prisoners with spanking sessions and healing massages

Above: Fascinating…

And that’s pretty much it, other than the ridiculously gratuitous screenshots that shows the game abusing the mosaic filter to the max. Criminal Girls is scheduled release on November 18 in Japan. Unfortunately, a western release for the punishment RPG has not been announced.

Sep 10, 2010

Source: Dengeki PlayStationSiliconera