Crazy Taxi: Fare Wars - hands-on

We've gleaned a few sketchy details on the new multiplayer modes, and we know that the matches will be limited to two-player ad-hoc games. Although Sega tells us lots of modes are being planned, the only thing we know for sure is that you'll have the option of competing for fares or cooperating to earn a joint prize.

You'll also be able to decide between the old-style CT1 cabs and the souped-up jumping cars from CT2, although the developers are apparently still trying to figure out whether or not jumping cars will completely break the original game world. On that note, it's still unknown if the entire seamless cities from both games will be available as a multiplayer playground, but Sega says the more likely scenario is that smaller chunks of each will become closed arenas for different modes.

In our brief time with the game, Crazy Taxi: Fare Wars looked pretty sweet despite its flaws, although it's hard to tell at this point whether that's just nostalgia clouding our judgment. Regardless, two Crazy Taxis in one package is a long way from being bad news for anyone interested in cheap arcade thrills, and we're looking forward to seeing more as summer draws closer.


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