Crazy Taxi: Fare Wars

It’s amazing how many fond memories the game brings back and how quickly you’ll remember how to pull off stunts such as the Crazy Dash and the Crazy Drift. Crazy Taxi features the two maps from the arcade original and the Dreamcast version based on San Francisco’s steep hills and cable cars, while Crazy Taxi 2’s Small Apple maps are clearly inspired by New York’s grid layout. And just like back in the day, the sequel introduces a jump mechanism for your cab and the ability to pick up multiple passengers. Like we say, it’s a perfect port.

Throw in a Time Trial mode, a mission-based Arcade mode and 32 mini-games and you’ve got a title with superb replay value. You can even stream your favorite songs from your Memory Stick while playing, and save just over a minute’s-worth of replay footage in Crazy Taxi 2.

We tend to eye most ports of older games and retro compilations with a fair amount of suspicion, but we’re happy to make an exception for the welcome return of Crazy Taxi. If you loved the first two games on Dreamcast, you’ll love this - and the bonus competitive and multiplayer modes are the icing on the cake of a retro classic.


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