Crank's directors are invading your telly

After sending Jason Statham on two mad dashes and putting Gerard Butler into a computer game, it's no surprise that Mark Neveldine and Brian Taylor's first stab at TV isn't a Jane Austen adaptation.

Nope, the hyperactive directing/producing/demolition duo have pitched a one-hour drama to US network NBC called Zeroes.

So what's it about? "We want to drop right into it and sustain the absolute most berserk state of crisis, when all of the options have been exhausted," Taylor tells The Hollywood Reporter.

"We want to take that last 60 minutes and sustain it for the entire show."

Um, okay… The pair are busily writing the script now and will co-direct the pilot.

"We came out of guerrilla filmmaking," explains Taylor. "We learned how to work super fast under pressure, generating a lot footage on a small budget."

Given NBC's performance of late, "zeroes" could potentially describe the ratings figures too. But maybe the pair's fanatical fanbase will follow them to TV land…

[Source: THR ]

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