Cracked out on Crackdown

While there's still no official word on when we can expect to see the technocops-and-cyberrobbers triggerfest Crackdown in stores (some retailers are suggesting mid-October, but Microsoft says nothing's firm), we have a pair of videos (for now - check back next week for more) showing the murderous rampages you can engage in both on foot and behind the wheel. Click the Movies tab to see them, and don't forget to check the new screenshots at the Images tab. The devastation is so great, it's hard to believe that Crackdown 's premise has you playing as a good guy, but we can't complain - it looks like a blast either way.

Microsoft provided this short list to prove, in their words, "Bigger is better; size matters and our city is better than your city." We're not totally sure what that is supposed to mean, but here's the list of beefy facts:

  • 10 square miles of landmass 
  • 8 miles of freeway 
  • The city’s tallest building would rival the Empire State Building at 364 meters tall
  • 175 unique prop models 
  • 54 gang and civilian vehicles 
  • 3 transformable Agency cars 
  • 263 total destructible car-parts 
  • 25,000 lines of dialogue

Will that data translate into fun? Probably - we like what we've seen so far, but we'll know more when we get Crackdown in our hands for an extended play.

September 1, 2006


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