Crackdown generals guide - Los Muertos


Time to get wet. Head down to the base of the island, where you’ll find a cave on the left side that leads up out to a cliff which in turn leads into the mansion. Run up the cliff, shooting anyone on sight. Jump as much as you can over rocks and buildings, because (as stated before) this makes you harder to hit. Garcia will be toward the back of the island, hidden in one of the warehouses. You can jump down and run in on the far right side, where there aren’t too many men to worry about as you take out Garcia. If you’re quick and have jumped over or shot everyone in your path then you should have enough time to take out Garcia before the rest of his henchmen catch up with you.

The final showdown

If you like running things over, you’re going to have a field day here. Jump into a car and head off toward the star on the map. The Los Muertos are making one final push and are killing everything in sight. Run them down like the dogs they are until your vehicle has had it. It shouldn’t be too much of a problem if you’re driving something fairly sturdy. If you do get out, it really shouldn’t be a challenge as long as you pay heed to the old adage: keep running, gunning and jumping. They’ll either be on the road or around the clown fairground attraction. Keep hurling grenades, as there will be groups huddled together. Once they’ve been cleared out, hunt down every last straggler to finish the mission.


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