Crackdown generals guide - Los Muertos


Get into the apartment complex via the entrance from the north-east and keep running and gunning. Stop and you’ll find a lot of gang members with a lot of grenades coming down on you. Find the stairs up the apartment to the sides of the garden on the left side. There will be gaps where the steps have been destroyed, so you’ll have to leg it round to the other steps on the opposite side of the crescent. Shoot anyone on sight as you make your way to the top of the complex. Head to the front of the building (the end you came in) and jump up onto the roof, where there will be two sets of stairs leading up to the highest rooftop. You should now hear Sanchez shouting over all the gunfire. She’s on the roof waiting for you, but should be no problem to take out, provided you’re equipped with a machine gun and grenades. Remember to keep strafing, so snipers will find it harder to shoot you, as well making it harder for Sanchez to hit you with her grenades.


To find intel on Gonzales, you need to head out to the lighthouse. You’ll find that it’s extremely well guarded, but you can snipe a lot of the enemies from the cliff next to the bridge. The best way to kill him is to get near the lighthouse, and try to spot him standing on a ledge in the side of it. Head toward the circular building, where there are stairs leading up to the lighthouse. If you’re not keen on sniping and can’t jump onto the ledge, get up to the rocks next to him and machine gun him to death. Extremely crude, and it looks a bit stupid – but it works. If you’re quite the sniper, you might find it easier to take Gonzales out from distance, but he has a lot of health, so you’ll have to make every shot count before reinforcements arrive and make life considerably more difficult


Defeating the last of the Muertos generals is all about brute force. Jump onto the building, down through the rafters and run straight for him. The entrance is heavily fortified, and tough to get through, unlike the laughably open roof. Don’t stand still as bullets and grenades will quickly start to rain down on you. Throw grenades and unleash on the bastard with your shotgun. Alvarez Volk might be standing on a rock, looking down on you, which suits you fine as then you won’t have to deal with him up close. Just unload, unload and unload.


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