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Coolboarders 4 Cheats, Codes & Guides

Coolboarders 4 Cheats

  • Special Events for every available level.&

    ok, type " IMSPECIAL " in the name section of coolboarders 4 to recieve all gold medals in event, but u still have to play the special events.
    Submitted by Matt (
  • All Mountains & Pro Boarders

    Put in ICHEAT for a name
    Submitted by None
  • Be Fast Eddie

    Finish the rookie mode on trickmaster to get Fast Eddie
    Submitted by None
  • Get Mars the hard way

    Beat trickmaster on veteren mode.
    Submitted by honasd
  • Unlock Special Courses

    Beat all levals in state or country in pro mode
    Submitted by Jeff Katra
  • Secret Mountains

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    Put in NEWHILL for a name
    Submitted by None
  • Be Mars

    Finish Trickmaster on verteran and you have mars unlocked!
    Submitted by BOB JF (
  • Get Crusty

    Beat the special in Japan and get a snowman named Crusty
    Submitted by Travis Gilbert
  • Secret Passage (Colorado)

    On the course Colorado after you pass the house that you can jump over, stay as far as you can to the left side of the course. Eventually you will run into a small patch of trees, when this happens keep going along the fence on the left side. Then you will see a sort-of cave, when you go in the cave there will be railroad tracks that you can grind on.

    Submitted by (Snowboard )
  • ??? Character

    Use Jimmy Hallop to finish the Colorado Tournament.
    Submitted by None
  • Get Burg, Honey Brown the Bear, Irving, Mars,the Alien, and Eddie.

    To get Irving you must beat Trick Master on Easy.

    To get Honey Brown you must beat the Avalanche.

    To get Snowman break every record in Japan and finish the special event

    To get Eddie you must beat Powder Hill.

    To get Mars you Must beat Gate Attack.

    To get Burg you must beat Trick Master on Pro.

    To get either the Alien or Flint(I'm not sure which)you must beat The special in Alaska.
    Submitted by TikiDude

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