Cool concept art for The Cross

Some stylish concept art for Andrew "Gattaca" Niccol's latest stab at sci-fi has arrived online and you can see it below.

It must be concept art week in cinema-land as, following on from the Mute pic, there are now some superb-looking shots that show the scale and scope of The Cross, which Niccol is shooting right now in Australia.

The story certainly sounds intriguing and dystopia-tastic, but beware of minor spoilers if you read further…

Orlando Bloom stars as a man who travels with his younger brother to a futuristic town where they cross a border (the specifics are being kept under wraps for now) in the hopes of a better life.

His sibling doesn't make it, but Mylar (Bloom) survives and even comes back for the woman he loves, before hatching a plan to set not only himself free, but his fellow citizens to boot.

We're just hoping it holds to the thoughtful and successful tone of Gattaca and doesn't end up as one of Niccol's "nice idea, shame about the execution"  projects a la S1m0ne.

The film has a planned release date for next year. For now, take a look at the art below designed by Jean-Vincent Puzos, and courtesy of The Quiet Earth .



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