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Insane premise aside, the actual gameplay's not too far from center. You'll roam around beaches, dungeons and all other types of earthly terrain in search of these power cells, running into enemies and targeting them with the stylus. Once you're locked on, just moving Terry near the monster makes him attack - certain enemies can fight from a distance, though, so we quickly had to learn the value of "stick and move." The plus to getting beat up all the time is that for every shot you take (or swing you connect), some attribute of Terry's increases slightly. This is how you'll level up his accuracy, defense, agility... all the RPG must-haves.

To further boost Terry's power, you can equip stickers that are, what else, lying around all over the place. Peeling one off and placing it on you uses it up for good though - don't you remember that stickers don't last forever? A few other stickers can be used in mid-battle, such as one that summons your little cat friend and another that you wrap around the radioactive power cells so they don’t destroy your fleshy hands.

Even if the core game is a dungeon crawler, there's so much weirdness spewing forth that we had no trouble dealing with the familiar, power-leveling setup. Any game that immediately asks if you're using a DS to contact its virtual world is bound to offer something most traditional titles can't - let's just hope the humor stays fresh for the whole adventure.


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