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Conquest: Frontier Wars Cheats, Codes & Guides

Conquest: Frontier Wars Cheats

  • Various Cheats

    During gameplay press the ENTER key and type in Give the sushi to Sean (case-sensitive as are codes below). Now press ENTER again and put in a code below
    A winner is you! Mission Win
    I am evil Homer Lose Mission
    spacebridge Extra Missions
    The Master Builders Build Faster
    Your chicks for free No Building Costs
    The Ultimate Doom Destroy Player
    If they could see me now Fog of War Gone
    I'll rip out your optics Normal Fog of War
    I can see clearly now Clears Fog of Discovery
    I want a raise Get Ore
    Do you smell something? Get Gas
    The courage of the fearless crew Get Crew
    Some Great Reward Max Out Resources
    Submitted by coolhints

Conquest: Frontier Wars Hints

  • Great Tactic For Wormholes

    This is really awesome. You need a scarab, a wormhole, and the gravity well special weapon. It's real simple. Select the scarab. then select it's special weapon. Shoot the gravity well into the wormhole. now look at the other side. The gravity well cloud will be right over the wormhole. if someone went through the wormhole and you did it right when he went through, the person who went through the wormhole should be trapped by the gravity well. This works well when your into battle and want to destroy any enemy who tries to escape through a wormhole.
    Submitted by coolhints

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