Command & Conquer: Red Alert 3 screenshots and trailer

First look at the third title in the C&C Red Alert series has finally surfaced

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First screenshots of EA's highly anticipated Command %26amp; Conquer sequel Red Alert 3 arehere... and they're looking slightly unimpressive to say the least.

The screens suggest that the third soviet RTS is running on a modified General engine, which equals visuals that aren't exactly on par with modern day strategy games like World in Conflict.

But of course we don%26rsquo;t care as long as C%26amp;C's excellent gameplay is intact in the sequel, and some of the crazy units we've already glimpsed have us hopeful. Let's hope C%26amp;C3's FMV revival continues in the Red Alert universe as well.

Check out the trailer:

Courtesy of CVG.

Feb 14, 2008

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